Sample sounds direct from your computer.

Record any sound from your computer, YouTube or Netflix for example.

Sample parts from the internet is so much fun.
A favorite quote from a movie on Netflix or Youtube, a part of a track, maybe something from a cd or dvd or perhaps sounds from games.
The methods below allow you to record EVERY sound from your computer!

So how are we going to do that?

We use a Analog loopback or Digital loopback in the audio interface software.

A few ways to do that without using third party software.
Most of them require you to download the whole track, and if its too long often that’s not even possible.

You could create a virtual loopback but that’s just as inconvenient.

The most easy and affordable solution is to create a analog loopback.
All you need is 1 or 2 cables depending on the system you use.
The way you do that is connect your output with your input, so what goes out goes right back in, that way you get a loopback and you can record it in your DAW.

Another method is connecting your smartphone or tablet with your soundcard. All that takes is a mini jack cable to connect the phone with the soundcard.

If you don’t have a soundcard yet, i recommend buying a audio interface that supports digital LOOPBACK.
For example the Steinberg and Focusrite soundcards have some soundcards with that function. You can even hook up a mic or Guitar or any other instrument and play along with the sound from the computer and everything will be recorded in your DAW in only 1 track.

Below are some examples how the analog loopback function work.

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