Native Instruments Summer Of Sound 2020 news and other deals

It appears the famous summer sale Sounds of Summer from software/hardware giant Native Instruments has been launched at various shops in Europe yesterday.

It seems that in other contents, as well as in the Native Instruments shop itself the sale has not begon yet.

What happened?

Our guess is that a shop launched too soon resulting in other shops joining the sale in fear of losing customers.

Either way, if you live in or near Europe you’re in luck and can grab the 50% off deals already!

If you don’t live in Europe it’s only a matter of time because the rest of the world will follow soon.

We have checked to make sure it was not some sort of a scam or clickbait news but we can verify that it is true, the sale is real.

What products are part of the Native Instruments Summer of Sound 2020 sale?

All komplete 12 Upgrades, Updates, Crossgrades and various bundles. up to 50% off.

Currently Native Instruments also has a interesting sale on their Traktor Kontrol S3 making it a real good deal!

Also the deal get a free Guitar Rig Pro when you buy a Komplete Audio is at this moment still going on.

Last but not least:

Upgrading to Komplete Select from Komplete Start can save you 100,- using the code SELECT2020 or select2020 however that code can expire anytime soon!

The question remains, how is it possible that European shops are having the summer of sound sale while United States shops at this moment still don’t, neither Native Instruments itself.

When we know more about this we will let you know.

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