These plugins you need to have! (Also run standalone)


When you have Omnisphere, what else would you need?

It’s not just another synth. This is more than a synth!

It might look expensive but with over 60GB library content that is more than Nexus and all Nexus expansions together! And that’s almost 4000,- 

Plus you can import your own samples.


Fabfilter proQ

Hands down the best EQ on the market.

This EQ does it all, you name it, it has it.

Unmatched soundquality and used by professional producers all over the world.

It comes with a high pricetag but it’s worth the investment.



This is a beast and a one of a kind.

With this you basically don’t need anything else.

Unlimited possibilyties.

Tons of free ensembles available on the user forum.

You can create the weirdest shit ever with this program.

It can take a while to fully understand Reaktor if not forever but you can go as deep as you like.

The new Reaktor 6 makes it more accessible to create your own stuff with the new BLOCKS approach 



You have a free version available that will run most instruments.

This sampler has unlimited instruments available , also many free ones.

You can create your own instruments without limits.



Who doesn’t know Massive?

You can create about any sound with this software.

A major plus of this software is that there are tons of tutorials available on the web.

And if you don’t like designing your own sounds, there are a shitload of presets available for dirt cheap.

For these reasons Massive is a must have Synth.

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