Realtime STEMS mixing is here!

After the app Djay Pro now VirtualDJ has released a update offering you realtime mixing with STEMS.

We all know STEMS from Native Instruments that allow you to use individual stems from a track to mix with.

STEMS are the structure of a song, a song is always devided in parts like vocals, instruments,drums etc.

Now you can take any track and grab the stems in realtime and create new awesome mixes on the fly.

The quality of the stems is not high obviously because that is impossible. Unless you buy tracks in STEMS format.

That being said, it is fun to play with. And a cool feature for many DJ’s.

I think this will be something we will see in other DJ software soon.

Check out the VirtualDJ website for more info HERE

If you have a iPad or iphone you can try it out for free with the Djay pro app for 7 days, after that 4.99 a month.

Give it a shot and share your opinion!

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