We all know the problem.

Not enough space left on your computer. So you need a external storage device.

What is the best portable external storage device on the market today?

You got the well known HDD, but more interesting is a SSD.

Pricewise a external SSD is not that much more these days but you get a lot faster and reliable device in return!

Also a HDD just is not fast enough to load large libraries. Therefore SSD is the way to go. No need to discuss the outdated HDD devices.

What external SSD is the best?

The best external SSD for music libraries or programs is the Samsung T5 or Samsung T7 depending on your needs and budget.

Both have easy to use software, multiple colors to match your style, durable modern and slim design, great overall performance and 3 years limited warranty

The Samsung T5

Leveraging the USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) interface, the Samsung T5 is good for maximum transfer speeds up to 540MB/s for all capacities—which is almost 100MB/s faster than the T3 and 440MB/s than a common HDD— It can be connected directly to an Android device.

Samsung has also updated the drive’s embedded software, allowing you to reset your password, check capacity and manage firmware updates.

The Samsung T5 also comes bundled with a Type-C to C and Type-C to A cables for immediate easy access once you open the box.

It comes with storage capacity from 500GB for around $100.00 a 1TB for around $170.00 and a 2TB for around $350.00.

Prices vary by color. They are available in black, red, blue, silver, gold and more.

The Samsung T7

This is a step up compared to the Samsung T5 

The Samsung T7 comes in 2 editions : The Samsung T7 TOUCH and recently added the slightly less expensive Samsung T7 without TOUCH.

Compared to the Samsung T5 the Samsung T7 is twice as fast with a speed up to 1050/1000 MB/s. The NVMEe makes this possible.

The size is about the same as a Creditcard.

Samsung T7 vs Samsung T7 TOUCH

Main differences are security, as the name suspects the  TOUCh has a fingerprint scanner for security and lock acces and makes the design more fancy.

The Samsung T7 TOUCH is available in 500GB at a $140.00 pricetag, a 1TB for $230.00 and 2TB for around $399.00 prices vary by color.

The regular Samsung T7 has a slightly less pricetag, $119.00 for the 500GB, $199,00 for the 1TB and the 2TB is yours for $379.00 again prices vary by color

Like the Samsung T5 they both come bundled with a Type-C to C and Type-C to A cables for immediate easy access once you open the box.


The Samsung T5 gets the job done. it is a very good portable SSD and more than fast enough.

If you have the extra cash go for the best of the best and get the Samsung T7 TOUCH


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